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Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, OCN Level 4 Sleep Training

About Me

I am a certified Sleep Training Consultant and the mother of three young children aged between 6 years and 11 months.

I originally trained as an art historian and worked for many years in museums and art galleries in Paris and London. Since having children I have developed a great interest in the “art of sleeping” which is why I jumped into this new adventure! With baby sleep, like art expertise, you need to be patient, observe, do your research and find the most appropriate approach.

My aim is always to create the perfect harmony between children and parents in order to make every day enjoyable. My gentle sleep plans, routines and advice are tailor-made to fit around your child’s personality, as well as your needs and lifestyle.

I offer consultations in English and in French.

My Services

Future Parents Package: £150 (introduction call, 1.5-2 hours home visit) Together we will go through what you need to pack in your maternity bag for you and your baby, what equipment it is really necessary to have ready and, finally, the different stages of baby’s development with an emphasis on sleep.

Newborn Package (0-6 months): £230 (introduction call, 1-1.5 hour home consultation, sleep plan and 6-week follow-up calls and emails) You cannot expect a newborn to sleep through the night just yet but it is crucial to help your baby differentiate between day and night from the very beginning. At the end of the first trimester, it’s also a good idea to start teaching your baby how to fall asleep independently and to start having a simple routine. We will discuss your baby’s current and future developments. I will give you some tips on how to help your child sleep through the night in the coming weeks (a baby can start sleeping through the night from 3-4 months) and how to implement a routine.

Baby Package (6-18 months): £230 (introduction call, 1-1.5 hour home consultation, sleep plan and 6-week follow-up calls and emails) From 6 months daytime and bedtime routines are crucial. It will help your baby to know what to expect throughout the day and to have well balanced sleep times during day and night. We will go through your baby’s current routine and if necessary make sensible changes to help improve it. At this stage wrong sleep associations might have consolidated. Your baby might need to be fed, rocked or held to fall asleep even in the middle of the night. I will give you some tips to help you teach your little one to fall asleep independently and to end unnecessary night feeds as from 6 months a child has no physiological need to be fed at night.

Toddler Package (19 months-6 years): £230 (introduction call, 1-1.5 hour home consultation, sleep plan and 6-week follow-up calls and emails) When your child gets older, sleep problems become very different from those of babies: from endless bedtime routine, to needing your presence to fall asleep as well as in the middle of the night, to falling asleep too late and/or waking up too early, or even having frequent nightmares or night fears. I will help you readjust your bedtime routine and give you some tips to improve your child’s sleeping habits.

Sleep problems normally resolve within 2 weeks. If after 6 weeks you need further support, I offer a 30-minute follow-up phone consultation at £45.

How does it work

After our introduction call I will email you a chart (doesn’t apply to the Future Parents Package) for you to fill out and return. I will ask you to keep track of your child’s eating and sleeping schedule during 3 days.

Once you have returned your child’s chart, I will send you an invoice for the payment (by bank transfer) of 50% of the fees. Then we will arrange a home visit (North and Central London).

I always enjoy meeting the families. During my visit we will go through an in-depth questionnaire. We will discuss your issues, your child’s routine so I can create a step-by-step sleep plan for you to implement. Of course you are also welcome to ask me any questions (from baby equipment, bathing, feeding, and everything else in relation to your child).

After the home consultation I will send you a final invoice.

I will follow-up on your child’s progress by email and over the phone for up to 6 weeks. You will be free to contact me if you have any questions to ask along the way.

I offer a 40% discount for consultations with more than one child. 


What did you like in the sleep training?

The easy instructions and technique, which was effective in training my baby to sleep within a week, and Marion’s constant support and encouragement throughout the process. I also appreciated the help and advice I received when my son was poorly. Marion’s service saved me having to spend precious time reading a sleep training book and then implementing the suggested approach, which may or may not have worked. I had confidence in Marion’s approach (based on her own experiences) and found it be to very effective. She said my baby would be sleeping through the night within a week and he was. Rachel, mother of 10-month-old boy.

When our first child was born, we had a lot of questions and we were drowning in information: getting advice from our families, friends and the medical profession. We needed to rely on someone we trust. When I got back to work, I called on Marion Chanson to help me set a pace as well as a bedtime routine for the well-being of our child and family! Marion knew how to listen to us and gave us practical advice. Today bedtime is a precious moment that we share with our son. Marion gave us the keys to accompany our child. We highly recommend Marion! Celine, mother of 3-month-old boy.

Marion was perfect. She provided insightful advice that took into account the whole picture (our pre-existing habits and preferences, feeding schedule etc) and yielded great results. Having never used a sleep consultant before, I was worried I would receive impractical advice especially considering that we have two older kids. So some suggestions (e.g. letting the baby cry, a rigid napping routine, etc.) wouldn’t have been practical but that definitely wasn’t the case with Marion.  Sylvaine, mother of 7-month-old girl.

Our 6 month old was waking up every two hours in the night. With Marion’s support, she gave us the strength and clarity to help our little one sleep through the night. Within two days she only woke once, and within a week she slept through. Thank you Marion! Jo, mother of 6-month-old girl.


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